• Introducing Grasp Learning

    The Internet’s First School for FileMaker Pro

    It's coming. Finally! An online school where you can effectively learn how to become an accomplished FileMaker developer. No more expensive 4-day cram sessions. No more boring books. Now you can take expert-led courses all year long - from the comfort of your own computer. Grasp Learning is coming soon - but you can join our forum today!

Find Your Way With Grasp

And Become a Better FileMaker Developer

Learning a new subject can be difficult. It's easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged.

At Grasp, we like to think of learning as an adventure, and we would like to be your own personal guide as you learn FileMaker Pro.

As an online school for FileMaker, we have a lot to offer developers who want to sharpen their skills - and we are only getting started. We have more exciting things planned for the journey ahead.

Together, let's make 2013 the year you become a better FileMaker developer!


Your Tools for Learning FileMaker Pro

As a Grasp student, you will receive access to a variety of learning tools that will help you master FileMaker Pro.

Icon-play Learn the

Training Videos

Start your adventure by watching FileMaker how-to videos and tutorials. We offer two formats. Lessons are groups of videos that progress in logical order. Topical videos are less sequential, and cover specific FileMaker techniques. Choose where to begin based on your skill level.

Icon-target Sharpen
Your Skills

Example Files & Cheat Sheets

Each FileMaker how-to video and tutorial is accompanied by an example file, cheat sheet or other learning exercise. Download the resources and practice what you've learned before moving on to the next lesson or video.

Icon-bubbles Ask
For Help

FileMaker Forum

If you haven’t quite grasped a concept, or are still having trouble with a technique - then head on over to the FileMaker forum. There you can ask questions, get answers, and help others.

Choose Your Adventure

Sign Up to Start Learning FileMaker

Grasp is about to launch. At that time you will have two plans to choose from, with the third launching later this year. Choose the plan that meets your needs, and don't worry about long term contracts - there are none!

  Ridge Peak Summit
FileMaker Forum Yes Yes Yes
Videos & Tutorials Yes Yes Yes
Example Files & Cheat Sheets   Yes Yes
Scheduled Classes   Coming Soon Yes
Technical Videos     Yes
Skills Assessment     Yes
Skills Tracking     Yes
Skills Development Plan     Yes
  Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
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Which plan is right for you?

We know, it's a tough decision. Each plan has a lot to offer. Each plan is a great value. If only you could have them all!

Our best advice is to pick the plan that best suits your needs. Do you want everything we’re offering at launch? Then pick the PEAK plan. Or do you only want access to the video library and FileMaker Forum? Then pick the RIDGE plan.

Don't worry too much about the decision though. If you change your mind, you can always switch subscriptions later - no questions asked.