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Web view that stays the same

Does anybody know of a way, plugin, or anything else that can make what is a web viewer remain even if the site is not live anymore? I know this may be asking a lot because a web viewer’s job is to keep things live and reload the current site. However I did not want to assume no, and miss out on any know solutions for what I want. So that is what I want, a way to keep what is loaded into a web viewer always after it loads the first time. Firefox the browser can do this with the addon Scrapbook. This addon can take something like you view of a bank account, this being a type of view that you have login to see. It can take views like that and make them stay as web pages after you log off. They are not live anymore but you can always see an exact view of what it was. I don’t mind the suggestions of other ways to do this, or something like it. I am sure I am not the first developer that needs this. Thanks

Chris Johnston