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Progress Chart

I have a field in my database called progress. This field for now is a checkbox set that has the choices, “Un Started” “In Progress” and “Complete”. Eventually I want an elaborate way to start determining the progress of certain tasks. For now this is a start to understand the way I will construct it. Is there a way to construct a chart that would take (let’s say) 8 tasks and average there progress field and summarize it to show an average bar of where there over all progress is. So I mean on a scale of 0 – 100 with 0 being “Un Started” 50 being “in Progress” and 100 being “Complete”. I also would like to know if you would have to use a script to show the found set of 8 (8 is just a number of tasks or a particular job could be 5, or 11) or is there a way to only chart for related records.

Chris Johnston