Can anyone help me with portal highlighting?

So I have a portal on a layout that's displaying related note records. What I want to do is highlight the selected portal record. Any easy ways to accomplish that? Thanks!


Set the row to be a button. When you click on the row, the button script should set a global field (globals::g_id) to be the _id of the selected record (portalRow::_id). Then use conditional formatting similar to the following: if (portalRow::_id = globals::g_id;"COLOUR";"Do Not Colour") Then handle the global accordingly.

Jamie Thompson

Rather than tie up a global field you can accomplish the same result by using a Global Variable. So 1. Click on row sets a global variable, e.g. $$myGlobal, to equal the id of the row 2. Have the buttons conditional formatting set to $$myGlobal = portalRow::_id A simple variation on Jamie's answer.

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