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Is this still the recommended way to update a database when it has been moved to a new location? I have used this method with a moved database and it seems to be image and movie file specific. I had different type of files in the container fields and it seems to prefix them with this “moviewin:/” I had a reference there, and now there is movie player with a reference. I did not want the movie player even with the movies (because I launch them to my player). Is there another prescribed way to update a moved databases container references? Is there a manual way to move each one? Can this be handled via XML? Thanks


Chris Johnston


This is what I came up with. I could get the information as text from a container field with store as reference option enabled like so (pic). I then could use the specify button of Replace field contents to insert a new location. The syntax here worked perfect for me every time. Note I was changing the directory from Tutor to Training. As for the need for two paths, It looks like the first one is FileMaker determining its location relative to the files location (the ../ are saying it went up a directory ).

Along with the good advice/help I got on this the question of why not just use external storage or make sure that each machine maps/mounts to the file in exactly the same way? That is a very good question and in an optimum situation I would always make it so. I am concerned with this for the moment when the situation is not optimum. Also I like knowing about this technique and having the option. Now from here it should be very easy for me to build scripts that handle my needs. I did not find any documentation on this and searched for a long time.


Chris Johnston

Also I don't know if the result had to be wrapped in a GetAsText() but it works for me well every time this way.

Chris Johnston

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