Avery 8293

This number is not listed in the options and I have been trying to customize. It has 1.5 inch circles 4 across and 5 down. I have managed to get it done with one exception. The header is way to big and I cannot find a way to decrease it. I would use it to print labels on top of prescription cases to make it easier to pick one out of a bag of around ten. At 90 years we have to take advantage of anything that comes along.

Ronald Anderson


Are you aware that you can go into Layout Mode and customize the size of your header? You can, the way you would do it would be to enter Layout Mode and then position the mouse over the area under the header.


Chris Johnston

Thank you. I find that you must click on the lower line abutting the display and it will indeed allow you to decrease the size of the header. Now I find that I cannot get the items to appear in the proper place to be inside the circles. I have about given up and had my wife write them up for me. If you have a FAX number and care to have a look I will be happy to send you a copy of the circles.

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