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I followed instruction in this FileMaker document, but can’t seem to get the Popover to open with the “Go to Object” Script step. All it seems to do is highlight it. So then I put a field in the Popover and gave it an Object Name and it works. I don’t know if this can be a problem but it now highlights the field. I did not want this, I just want of show what is in my Popover and close after. Can anybody shed so light or tell how opening the Popover can be done. Thanks

Chris Johnston


This is the way to do it you are correct - the object name you go to has to be some object within the popover - not the popover object itself.

If you just straight up use a go to object step, then you lose the animation effect of it opening, it just "appears" - however if you run a simple script and you use the "Set Script Animation On" script step prior to go to object, then you will get the animation. So a good idea is to create a simple 2 line script:

Set Script Animation [ ON ]

Go to Object [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

and pass the object name as the parameter, you can then reuse this for any popover.

Daniel Wood

Great answer! It was consistent with some other help I got. That is good info on the script animation part. Thanks!

Chris Johnston

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