Wildcard like syntax

In FileMaker how can you say:

Case (Left(someField; 3) = "cat"; "Feline";

(Left(someField; 3) = "dog"; "Canine";

(Left(someField; 3) = "(?any other combination of 3 digits)"; "Unclasified";


I am trying to understand how you state "any other 3 digits and things like that in a Case statement. I know here you can just put a default vale at the end here, but I would like to know the equivalent of Willcards like "*" on Windows search?

Chris Johnston


There is no wildcard syntax or Regular Expressions in out-of-the-box FileMaker calculations. If you're using FileMaker Pro Advanced, this page lists a demo file of a series of custom functions that claim to implement Regular Expressions. I haven't had occasion to use them, so I can't vouch for their quality one way or another.

In Find Mode, there are several operators to choose from listed in the "Insert" menu in the toolbar (not the "Insert" menu in the menu bar!). The wildcard-type operators are:

@ any one character

# any one numeric digit

* any zero or more characters in a string (by itself, matches records where the field is not empty)

Jeremy Bante

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