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FileMaker Training Delivers ROI

Invest in Ongoing FileMaker Training all Year Long

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”
-Benjamin Franklin

I really love this quote. It's witty, funny, and offers a great visual about the value of learning. It reminds me that we can never go wrong when we invest in our mind. Learning is a great investment, and FileMaker training especially, offers a great ROI.

So, if you want to realize a significant return on investment, then put your money where your mind is and invest in quality FileMaker training.

There are a lot of great options for FileMaker training.

Option #1 - FileMaker Training Resources

Pros - Books and manuals are a low cost investment for quality FileMaker training resources. In fact, you can purchase the FileMaker 12 Training Series for as little as $39.99.

Cons - Books are great resources for learning FileMaker, but you have to struggle with the materials on your own. There is no one to guide you or answer your questions.

Option #2 - FileMaker Training Series Classes

Pros - The 4-day FileMaker Training Series course is a great option for learning FileMaker. In fact, our founder Kevin is authorized to teach the course. The best part about this option is that it's expert-led, and you have both your instructor and other students to help you learn.

Cons - It's at least a $1,595 investment, not including travel and lodging costs, so it can be cost prohibitive for some. Plus, it's literally a 4-day cram session, so it's hard to absorb everything you need at once. And once the 4-days are over, it's back to being on your own.

Option 3 - Ongoing FileMaker Training at a FileMaker School

Pros - At Grasp Learning, we've combined the best of both of the previous options to provide you with ongoing FileMaker Training all year round.

Our FileMaker school features expert-led courses with real, practical guidance. Plus, we offer a FileMaker forum where you can ask questions and get answers from your instructor or other students who are learning with you. In this way, it's very similar to being at a FileMaker training series class - but the training doesn't stop after 4-days!

On the other hand, we also offer tons of FileMaker training resources, like handouts, examples files, and cheat sheets so you can practice what you've learned. In this way, it's very similar to working through books and manuals, but at Grasp you don't have to do it alone!

Plus, the annual cost of membership is very low when you consider the price of a 4-day training series. Although we haven't announced our prices yet, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the value-for-money!

Cons - The training is online and self-paced, so you will have to find your own individual motivation and discipline to stick with the program. But, we will provide you with tons of encouragement along the way!

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