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Learning FileMaker is the Best of All Wealth

The Gift that Keeps on Giving Back

Learning is the best of all wealth;
it is easy to carry,
thieves cannot steal it,
the tyrants cannot seize it;
neither water nor fire can destroy it;
and far from decreasing, it increases by giving.

Similar to the words of B.B. King and what we recently learned regarding the power of FileMaker know-how, the ancient poetic work of Jain monks reminds us that learning (FileMaker) is the best of all wealth.


Because learning can never be stolen or destroyed. Instead, it will always give back to you.

When you learn FileMaker, you will not only learn about tables, scripts and relationships. You will learn how to make a living. You will learn how to build a career. You will learn how to solve business problems. And you will learn how to contribute to this world with innovative and practical technology.

So, don't forget to invest in your FileMaker know-how. Learning FileMaker is the gift that keeps on giving back - and that is the best wealth of all.

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