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Learn FileMaker by Doing

We learn by doing.
-Spencer W. Kimball

People learn in all different kinds of ways: by listening, by observing, by talking and by doing. For many, one of the most effective ways to learn FileMaker will be by doing.

That's why at Grasp we are providing a variety of ways for you to learn FileMaker. You will start by watching how-to FileMaker videos taught by a FileMaker expert and trainer.

Then, each video will include a variety of ancillary documents, like detailed instructions, FileMaker example files, cheat sheets and more. Using these ancillaries will allow you to practice what you've learned. In many lessons, you will be given real business scenarios and asked to solve problems by creating your own FileMaker solution.

You can also apply what you've learned by helping others solve problems in the FileMaker forum.

Grasp Learning is a FileMaker school that will literally immerse you in the subject. As a result, you will not just learn FileMaker by doing, you will master it!

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