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Our New FileMaker Forum is Coming Soon

Here's a Sneak Peak at our New FileMaker Community

We are working hard to get our new FileMaker Forum up. We expect it to be ready first thing next week! Until then, I wanted to give you a quick sneak peak at our new FileMaker Community.

Stack Overflow Like Functionality

Our FileMaker Forum features functionality similar to that of stack overflow, so it will be super easy to use.

When you first enter the FileMaker forum you will see all of the questions, sorted with the most recent first. You will then be able to sort questions based on answered or unanswered questions, or search all questions using the search bar.

After you select a question, you will have the option to answer a question, post comments on answers, and vote answers up and down.

If you have a question of your own, just select the orange "Ask a Questions" button. Give it a title, ask your questions, tag it, and then create it.

You will also notice that our forum has a simple design - and you won't find any annoying advertisements on the side. We've done this on purpose.

As we've mentioned in earlier posts, we are building a community for your to learn FileMaker - so you won't be distracted with irrelevant messages. Instead, you can focus on asking questions, getting answers, and helping others learn FileMaker!


Update: the FileMaker Forum is here! Join today - it's FREE!!!

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