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FileMaker Go Template: GoMaps 0.67 for iOS

SeedCode Announces Unlocked Template for FileMaker Go

Earlier this month, SeedCode announced GoMaps 0.67 for iOS, an unlocked template for FileMaker Go. This FileMaker Go Template allows developers to access the power of Google Maps on iOS devices, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

FileMaker developers can easily view records on an editable, interactive Google Map. They can also paste the map into their layout for an optional Map view.

If you are developing a FileMaker Go solution, consider leveraging the power of GoMaps 0.67 for iOS.

According to SeedCode, "GoMaps version 0.67 for iOS is currently available directly from SeedCode for $299 (USD) per site license. Syncing on iOS requires GoZync licenses starting at $199, plus $49 per mobile device. ProMaps version 1.0 for OS X or Windows is currently available directly from SeedCode for $299 per site license. A Maps Package, including both GoMaps and ProMaps, is available at the discounted price of $448. GoMaps and ProMaps are available as free, 30-day demo versions. Review copies are available on request."

Have you used GoMaps 0.67 for iOS in one of your FileMaker Go applications? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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