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FileMaker Plugin: bBox 0.56

Beezwax Released Update to their Free FileMaker Plugin

Beezwax announced an update last month to one of their free FileMaker plugins, bBox 0.56.

bBox extends the reach of your Mac OS based FileMaker solutions to programs, code libraries, or OS functions that are normally outside the reach of FileMaker.

For example, with bBox 0.56 you can:

  • Interact with programs, code libraries and OS functions on your computer
  • Parce XML
  • Run shell scripts in other languages, including PHP, Python, AppleScript, Ruby and Perl.
  • Leverage all of the open libraries in any of the above listed languages.
  • And so much more.

And the good news is all of the functions are already built-in to the plugin, so you don't have to create any complicated workarounds.

bBox is a great tool to connect FileMaker to external code libraries, and for that we recommend using it!

You can download the FileMaker Plugin, along with an extensive demo file from the Beezwax website.

Have you used bBox to connect FileMaker with other programs? Tell us what you've done in the comments below.

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