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FileMaker How-to Remove All Formatting from Field Contents

Recently on Twitter, @jahochcam asked:

"Anyone use FileMaker Pro? How do you revert field contents to the default font (& color & size)? I'd do it manually but have 966 records!"

Well, here's the quick answer:

  1. Enter Browse Mode.
  2. Click into the field.
  3. From the Menubar select Records > "Replace Field Contents".
  4. In the Dialog Box, select "Replace with calculated result".
  5. In the resulting calculation window, enter the following: TextFormatRemove ( YOURFIELD ).

  6. NOTE: BE SURE TO REPLACE "YOURFIELD" with the name of the field that you are removing the formatting from.
    NOTE: I would suggest running a test on a few bogus records first.
  7. Click "OK" and then click "Replace".

I hope this helps!


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