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An experience that shaped Grasp

When I was 17 years old I was cast in a bonafide theater performance. The play was written and directed by a gentleman named Graham Barker. Graham was a professionally trained actor and had plenty of experience acting and directing in live theater performances.

Up until that point, I had very little acting experience. In fact, I knew little to nothing about acting. But that fact didn't stop Graham from offering me an important role with several scenes and a mountain of lines that I'd have to memorize, and more importantly, deliver in front of a live audience!

The confidence that Graham had in me as a person, and in my ability to learn how to act, was reassuring, encouraging and ultimately inspired a great deal of confidence in myself.

Learning alongside Graham and the other seasoned actors was a fantastic experience! At each rehearsal I learned something new. I learned acting basics, blocking, how to project my voice, comedic timing, dramatic pauses, how to use posture to convey emotion and the list goes on. Having access to Graham and the other actors for advice during that time was invaluable. As a result, the performance went off without a hitch - with standing ovations every night!

In hindsight, if I were to try to learn all of those things on my own it would have taken me a very, very long time. In fact, I am not sure how I could have learned any of those things alone.

That experience helped shape my outlook regarding how to learn, and how to teach. It showed me the importance of guided instruction. It taught me the value of instilling confidence in others and offering words of encouragement to support learning achievement. It taught me the importance of practice and rehearsal, and it gave me insight to the value of community learning.

It is in this spirit that I have carefully crafted Grasp Learning.

I wholeheartedly want Grasp Learning to be the place for FileMaker students to receive guided training, support, encouragement and advice. I want it to be a place where students can practice their skills and get ready for a new job or a big project. I want it to be a community where we can learn from each other and get answers to our questions about FileMaker.

I want it to be the place where you and I can become better FileMaker developers!

So, whether you're brand new to FileMaker development or have been at it for a while, this place was designed specifically for you!

We're just getting started here at Grasp, so sign up today and be the first to know when classes start!

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